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Buried Treasure Sleep Complete


Buried Treasure Sleep Complete

Sleep Complete
16 ounces
Buried Treasure

A healthy person spends over one third of their life sleeping. Restful/undisturbed sleep is one of the keys to health & longevity. Buried Treasure's Sleep Complete provides the most advanced sleep support formula available. Enjoy a restful nights sleep and awake refreshed with Sleep Complete.
Sleep Complete is Nature's Restful Slumber Solution.

What Benefits Does This Formula Offer Me?

Melatonin: helps regulate the body's sleep/wake cycle promoting healthy sleep.
L-Theanine: has shown the ability to promote deep muscle relaxation and improved quality of sleep.
Magnesium: supports the muscles and the nervous system, providing a calming effect that allows deeper relaxation and better sleep.
GABA: is an inhibitory central nervous system neurotransmitter that helps relax the body.
Passion Flower: is an herb that is used for calming and to help induce deep sleep.
Lemon Balm: is traditionally used to help relax and support restful sleep.
Hops: studies suggest this herb's effectiveness for restlessness and difficulty falling asleep.
Catnip: is known as a mild central nervous system sedative that encourages sleep.
Chamomile: is valued as a calming herb that helps the body and mind to relax.

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